Wedding Venue & Banquet Hall Ideas for a Chinese Wedding Receptions

If you are considering a Chinese wedding theme, one thing you want to make sure you do is be respectful of the culture. Some popular wedding themes involve using colors, which represent various feelings and ideals. For example, you can use red, gold or yellow. Nature motifs are also something to consider, since nature plays a big role in Chinese culture. Decorations One idea you can utilize as decorations for your Chinese-inspired wedding is to decorate the room with red and gold lanterns. The colors matter because of their significance: red means luck, happiness and joy, while gold helps symbolize freedom from worldly cares, as does yellow. Signs of nature are also important, as they represent an appreciation for nature and the peace it helps bring to the world. How do you make the most of your venue to carry out a successful Chinese wedding reception? If you choose to have your wedding venue & banquet hall in the same place, you can ensure that it is successful by doing the following. First, have them decorated using the colors red and gold/yellow, and also place representations of nature around. They must also give your guests good service, and most importantly, provide great food. Great Ides for Chinese wedding favor Favors come in all shapes and sizes, which makes picking the right ones quite difficult. If you plan to have a Chinese-inspired wedding, then you might want to consider getting some double happiness favor boxes, or personalized silk fans that the guests can take home. You can also have tea light holders that are in the shape of different animals that are represented on the Chinese calendar. Sources: Chinese Wedding Tips from Green Bride Guide, Ancient Chinese Wedding Traditions,