Please In-laws, Pick Chinese Restaurants to Have a Wedding Reception

Love that conquers race and culture is a beautiful sight to behold. However, there are some cultural nuances that even love cannot hold a candle to. An article on Speaking of China answers the question of one bride-to-be regarding one of the things that Chinese parents simply won’t give up:


“In China, the wedding is a reflection of the family. Chinese weddings are often enormous, extravagant to-dos because it makes the family look better — or, in other words, gives them good face.


The wedding can also reflect the status of the son or daughter getting married. For example, in my husband’s hometown in the countryside, if someone has at least graduated from college — meaning that they left their village, and are on the road to success — they must marry in a place outside of the countryside (i.e. a hotel), which demonstrates their position. No wonder my in-laws refused to let my husband — working/studying in the US — marry me in their countryside home (as I had originally suggested).”

Some women may have to face this dilemma sooner or later. These brides-to-be can check different Chinese restaurants to have a wedding reception in order to fulfill their future husbands’ wants while having a little bit of liberty to choose.


One of the biggest things that brides to Chinese Americans must remember is the fact that a Chinese wedding is usually loaded with traditions. Age-old ceremonies are still being held despite the fact that a lot of young Chinese are more forward-thinking than the generation that came before them.


The parents of the groom will more or less want these traditions (or a variation of them) to be held at the wedding reception, so it is important that there is enough space to hold the festivities. Holding the wedding reception at a restaurant like Empress Harbor Seafood Restaurant may be a good idea.


Going for a Chinese restaurant to hold the wedding is also a great move for brides who want to establish a good relationship with their future in-laws. Besides the fact that Chinese food will bring their taste buds a lot closer to home, it will also promote the health of the family and guests invited to the wedding.


Sometimes, it is best for the bride to make the proper appeal to the in-laws, and a reception at a great Chinese restaurant will be able to provide just that. This helps address a major concern plaguing every bride, “Where to have a wedding reception?” There are many things to challenges to take on already when planning for a wedding, the venue selection does not have to be one of them.
During wedding season, space at a Chinese restaurant to have a wedding reception can fill up fast. If you are planning a wedding, consider our no obligation Request for a Quote on our Banquet Reservation page. You will discover that this approach is not only traditional but also cost effective.

(Source: Ask the Yangxifu: A Big, Fat, Traditional Chinese Wedding?, Speaking of China)