1. 杏汁或椰汁官燕 Almond or Coconut Milk, Bird’s Nes 時價 Seasonal
2. 杏汁或椰汁雪蛤 Almond or Coconut Sweet Hasmar (位)4.80 (例)22.00
3. 香 芒 布 甸 Mango Pudding 3.00
4. 蓮蓉西米焗布甸 Baked Lotus Seed and Tapioca Pudding (例)12.00
(敬請預定 Order in Advance)
5. 酥 皮 杏 仁 茶 Baked Almond Paste (位) 5.00
6. 合 桃 露 Sweet Walnut Soup (位)3.50 (例)12.00
7. 生 磨 杏 仁 露 Sweet Almond Soup (位)3.50 (例)12.00
(Prices Subject to Change)

Almond or Coconut Milk, Bird’s Nest

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