1. 杭州富貴雞 Nobleman’s Chicken Stuffed and Baked 42.00
in Lotus Leaves & Clay Casing 敬請預定
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2. 脆皮炸子雞或蒜香
Deep-fried Crispy Chicken or in Honey Garlic Sauce (半隻)12.00 (一隻)22.00
3. 薑蔥霸王雞或上湯 Steamed Chicken w/Ginger, Chili & Green Onion or in Light Gravy (半隻)12.00 (一隻)22.00
4. 金華玉樹雞
Steamed Chicken w/Ham & Tender Green (半隻)14.00 (一隻)26.00
5. 啫啫走地雞煲
Special Chicken in Clay Pot 14.00
6. 台式三杯雞 Special Chicken Taiwan Style 14.00
7. 西檸煎軟雞
Pan-fried Chicken in Lemon Style 9.00
8. 鮮菰雞柳或腰果 Stir-fried Chicken with Straw Mushroom or Cashew Nuts 9.00
9. 豆豉或時菜雞球
Chicken with Black Bean Sauce or Garden Vegetable 10.00
(Prices Subject to Change)