Empress Harbor Seafood Restaurant Menu

When dining at Empress Harbor Seafood Restaurant, be prepared to experience authentic Chinese food at its finest. Only the freshest ingredients are used in preparing the different dishes featured in our extensive menu. These ingredients include the finest live lobsters, prawns, and Alaskan king crabs, to name a few.

Great Chinese food however, isn’t just about the ingredients, but also about how well the recipes and cooking styles are used. Empress Harbor wants to give you a great culinary experience and let you experience the culture from which the dishes originated.

As a full service restaurant specializing in Chinese seafood and dim sum in Monterey Park, Alhambra and the surrounding Los Angeles areas, we offer a wide variety of dishes in our menu that offer diners a taste of Chinese culture and tradition.

  • Chef Specials – Our renowned chef’s specials include dishes like Almond or Coconut Milk Bird’s Nest Soup, Braised Dried Whole Abalone, and Deluxe Vegetable in Bird’s Nest.
  • Desserts – Empress Harbor favorites include Almond or Coconut Sweet Hasmar, Sweet Walnut Soup, Mango Pudding, and Baked Lotus Seed and Tapioca Pudding.
  • Appetizers & Barbecued Dishes – We offer different roasted meats done in Chinese recipes, as well as traditional Chinese appetizers like egg rolls and deep fried squab.
  • Soups – Our offering includes traditional favorites like Crab Meat with Fish Maw Soup and specialties like Steamed Whole Winter Melon Soup with Assorted Meats
  • Mandarin Szechwan Dishes – Featuring some of the most popular items in the restaurant, our menu includes dishes like Kung Pao Shrimp and Filet of Beef in Spicy Tangerine Sauce.
  • Live Seafood – We feature seasonal live seafood such Live Grass Cod, Live Rock Cod, and King Crab that can be prepared as sashimi, boiled, steamed with wine, pan fried, or baked in pepper salt, among others ways.
  • Clay Pots & Sizzling Platters – It’s hard to match the tastes and dining experience that come from cuisine cooked directly in a clay pot or sizzling platter, and our dishes are no exception. We offer dishes like Sizzling Scallop and Shrimp in Black Bean Sauce, and Sizzling Oysters with Ginger and Green Onions which are very popular among our clientele.

Apart from the regular items on our menu, we also offer a variety of special dishes at different times of the day. These include limited offers like dinner specials, seasonal specials, and free items included with each dinner, such as rice, soup, and dessert. We also offer dim sum starting at $1.69 on weekdays, and $2.09 on weekends and holidays, as well as Wonton noodle soup at just $2.50.

At Empress Harbor Seafood Restaurant, we provide a great dining experience by combining our extensive menu with a spacious and stylish wedding venue, and an attentive and excellent waiting staff. We also offer catering services to clients from the Los Angeles County area, including Alhambra and Monterey Park, CA, as well as hold business dinners and wedding banquets. For reservations, get in touch with us through our Banquet Reservations page.