Wedding Venues & Banquet Halls: Ways on Planning Your Wedding Reception

Searching for your wedding venue & banquet hall is no easy task, and you may be struggling to find the right venue for your event at a price that you can afford. There are several key questions to ask before booking the venue, such as if the deposit is refundable, what is included with the venue rental and how long you will have access to the rental space before and after for setup and cleanup. (more…)

Wedding Venue & Banquet Hall Ideas for a Chinese Wedding Receptions

If you are considering a Chinese wedding theme, one thing you want to make sure you do is be respectful of the culture. Some popular wedding themes involve using colors, which represent various feelings and ideals. For example, you can use red, gold or yellow. Nature motifs are also something to consider, since nature plays a big role in Chinese culture. (more…)

Smart Spending: Considering Restaurants to Have a Wedding Reception At

A wedding is perhaps one of the most important celebrations for anyone, and as much as possible, anyone getting married would want everything to be perfect. Next to the ceremony itself, one of the main highlights of the event is the reception, where guests welcome the newlyweds and celebrate the rest of the day with great food, drinks, and music. (more…)

Alhambra and Monterey Park Restaurant Welcomes Chinese New Year with Special Dance and Menu

Monterey Park, California (February 24, 2014) – Empress Harbor Seafood Restaurant welcomed the Chinese New Year 2014 (Year of the Horse) by treating their guests to a performance of a lion dance. The popular Monterey Park and Alhambra restaurant then continued to impress patrons with exceptional servings of authentic Southern Chinese food from a special menu. (more…)

Having a Wedding Reception Venue at a Restaurant

"Where to have a wedding reception" is a common question couples ask as they plan for their big day. There are an infinite number of possibilities for your wedding reception site. As you look for your wedding reception venue, be sure it is fitting theme for your wedding. Does it fit the theme of your wedding? No one is expecting your to create a Broadway show production, but be sure the location accommodates the overall theme and fee of your wedding. Whether it be a location or flowers, the loca...