Who We Are

The Empress Harbor Seafood Restaurant is located at the corner of Atlantic and Garvey in the heart of Monterey Park, one of the most culturally rich areas of Los Angeles just south of Alhambra. The spacious and elegant interior was given life by a famous Hong Kong designer. The many stylish VIP rooms are perfect for private parties or business meetings. The main lobby showcases beautiful crystal chandeliers in a breath-taking synthesis of traditional and contemporary design concepts.

This makes us one of the best restaurants in Alhambra, Monterey Park and the surrounding areas for hosting wedding receptions, banquets, birthday parties, and other special occasions. Coupled with our complete dedication to customer service, our premises can provide the setting to an event that you will remember. Our team also helps you put together your event, and guides you toward its successful celebration.

Authentic Chinese Food for the Whole Family

Our renowned head chef oversees and helps prepare all of the authentic Chinese food on our menu. We make sure that every steaming plate that comes out of our kitchen fills your stomach and sates your taste buds, so only the best ingredients are used in the preparation of all of the fine cuisine offered at Empress Harbor. Only the premier live lobster, Alaskan king crab and the best prawns in the land make their way to your table.

We are pleased to bring together people for a lovely dinner shared in an inviting, warm atmosphere. Our selection of pork, beef, duck, chicken, and seafood dishes is ideal for the whole family. We also have noodles and rice, appetizers and barbecues, Chef and dim sum specials, and fresh vegetables and hot soup.

Employees of the Empress Harbor are specially trained to meet all of your customer needs. We know that the quality of our service hinges on the kind of people that we have. This is why we employ professionals who are passionate about what they are doing. You will find our staff attentive to your needs because we want to make sure that we complete every dining experience with all the elements of a good meal.

Together with the environment, the aesthetic design, and the exquisite cuisine, a visit to Empress Harbor Seafood Restaurant is a unique experience every time. Come by anytime for a bite of authentic Southern Chinese food in Alhambra, Monterey Park or Los Angeles. If you are celebrating a special event such as wedding banquet, birthday dinner or corporate celebration, Book a Reservation for your occasion by getting in touch with us at (626) 300-8833. You may also fill out our Wedding Venue & Banquet Hall Reservations form. We promise to address all of your questions and concerns.

Our mouthwatering entrées of authentic Chinese seafood and dim sum are available to residents of Alhambra and Monterey Park, as well as the surrounding areas in Los Angeles, CA.